This year I took a trip to the rising Anime Expo in New York City. As most of us are based in the Denver area, I went out in an effort to find out what the anime community in the tri-state area is like. Needless to say, I was not disappointed in the enthusiasm from the community and all of the incredible cosplayers! First though, I want to share some of my thoughts on AnimeNYC before getting to the album of pictures we managed to get from some amazing people.

My plan for the weekend was to attend all 3 days after having signed up for a professional registration, however a light snowstorm disappointingly shut down the entire city. As a result, my flight out on Thursday night was cancelled and I had to fly out the next day. Friday was wasted on traveling as I ended up arriving around 11 PM, missing the first day of the con and having less photos than anticipated. Exhausting to say the least, but I remained excited about the following day and got in to my hotel. Conveniently, the area around the Javits Convention Center has a good list of nearby hotels and I was a short walk away.

Saturday arrived and, on the walk, over we spotted a lot of eager cosplayers and geeks alike on the way. Entering the massive, glass covered convention center, I thought this place was a bit too big, but seeing the amount of people there, it was actually the right amount of space. According to some of the staff I asked, they anticipated over 35,000 visitors for the weekend and that made it the largest con I’ve been to. It was very obvious after exploring and getting to see all of the spaces throughout the entire center, this convention was LARGE. The exhibit hall held over 200 exhibitors and the artist’s galley held as many artists. We spent most of our time exploring both areas the majority of the time since we couldn’t get through all the anime merch fast enough!

We also took some time to see some of the main room panels, getting a chance to see the K Project special premiere and the Fairy Tail panel with an early premiere of the English dub simulcast. Being in a room watching our favorite shows and hearing everyone’s reactions together was unique and fun, especially when it culminated into a fire dragon roar! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the Mob Psycho season 2 premiere line since the panel room was overfilled. All in all, the trip was a worthwhile experience and speaking with some veterans, the event will only continue to grow and become more popular after this second year. Now on to the main event: the cosplayers of Anime Expo NYC 2018!

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